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Shopping List

Order your shopping between 12pm - 8.00pm   (all items subject to availability)

Call 01603 737555 to order & pay - Collect from hatch or deliverey for those who are vunerable

We are also offering a Take Away menu - collection via a drive through system or delivered to your door!


Meat  Dry Goods 
Back Bacon£10.00 k/gPasta linguine 500gm£1.20
Traditional pork sausages (6)£7.50 k/gLong grain rice 500 gm£1.00
Beef mince 500gm£10.00 k/gBaked beans - small80p
Chicken breast - each£7.50 k/gFlour - plain/S.R/strong white 1kg£1.65
Whole chicken 1.5kg - each£6.50Caster sugar 500gm£1.65
Pork loin roasting joint £9.00 k/gCiabatta 120g each£75p
Top side roasting joint £10.00 k/gHoney 400g£4.00
Beef burgers 6oz - each£1.50Cereal Oats£1.50 k/g
Raspberry Jam 400g£3.00
Vegetable Oil - 1 litre£1.65
Beef Oxo cubes£1.00
Mature cheddar 250gm£3.00Ice cubes 1kg£1.25
Butter salted 250 gm£1.50Frozen peas 500 gm£1.50
Milk - 2 litres£1.65Frozen chips£2.25 k/g
6 Eggs£1.40Sweet potato fries£4.00 k/g
Orange juice - 1 litre£1.50Frozen mash£2.25 k/g
Potatoes £1.10 k/gWholetail Scampi£12.00 k/g
Carrots £1.50 k/gKids Ice Lolly£1.00
English Onions £1.40 k/g
Fruit & Veg Box£20 / £25 **Homemade Frozen Ready Meals
Salmon, cod & prawn fishcakes£2.50 ea
CigarettesPies - Game/Beef/Cottage£2.50 ea
Rizla50pCleaning Products
Filters£1.00Toilet Rolls65p ea
Tobacco (cutters choice extra fine)£12.50Large black sack25p ea
Cigarettes£10.00Antibacterial spray£4.00
Lighters£1.00Toilet Bleach50p
Sponge Scourer75p
** Fruit & Veg Box - order before 5pm for next day delivery or collection. If items not on list, please ask. J Cloths - each25p
Choose from:- cress, peppers, iceberg lettuce, spring onions, savoy cabbage,broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, new potatoes, beetroot, cucumber, garlic, ginger, mushrooms, bananas, grapes, pears, apples, oranges, tomatoes, pineapple
Due to seasonal variations, contents may chance
If there is anything else you would like, please ask!